3 Mistakes To Avoid Before You Buy Bamboo Plants

Before buying your new bamboo plants, it’s important to do some planning to ensure they thrive for many years in your garden. Bamboo is a uniquely beautiful and hardy plant, but only when matched to the right conditions.

Here at Red Cloud Bamboo, our team of experts has over 20 years of experience helping customers select varieties that flourish locally.

In this article, we’ll unpack three key considerations to make before you buy bamboo plants to avoid common mistakes and get the most enjoyment out of your new planting. Understanding a few basics like propagation methods, preferred growing zones and containment strategies will set you up for long term bamboo success. Keep reading to find out our top tips for choosing the right bamboo for your outdoor space.

Seeds Aren’t Worth the hassle

Here in Australia, our native timber bamboo species only produce flowers at very irregular intervals, sometimes as long as 100 years apart. Their flowers emerge high atop the canes after an enormous expenditure of energy from the massive root system.

Following pollination via wind, seeds attempt to develop. However, germination rates are typically less than 1% even in ideal nursery conditions. By the time seeds are sold commercially, many years later, viability has usually dropped to zero.

At Red Cloud Bamboos, we’ve found it’s far simpler and more reliable to begin with vigorous young plants that are ready to plant straight away or to grow bamboo from cuttings.

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Choose Bamboo suitable To Your landscape

When you visit our nursery, be sure to describe your garden situation in detail so we can recommend robust varieties tailored to your needs. Considerations include sunlight hours, soil type, drainage, hardened zones and intended use.

While some giant species reach treetop heights, we also stock attractive compact types suited to smaller yards and pots. For example, some clumping bamboos max out at just 1-2m, providing dense foliage perfect for hedging or accent planting. Or for full sun, waterwise gardens the Phyllostachys genus includes many durable options.

Bamboo Containment Is Key

All bamboo spreads to fill available space over time. However, running varieties propagate much further and faster via an extensive network of underground rhizomes. If left unchecked, they can colonize several metres each year, potentially invading neighbouring properties. Even clumping types spread at a rate of 30-50cm annually.

To keep bamboo beautifully contained where you want it, physical or natural barriers are essential. We offer a range of sturdy powder-coated mesh screens, sprinkler systems and approved chemical controls to discreetly manage spread. Proper containment upfront helps bamboo flourish for many decades.


We hope these pointers have given you confidence to select thriving bamboo for your garden. At Red Cloud Bamboo, we take the hassle out of choosing by providing expert guidance in our nursery based on over 20 years of local industry knowledge. Discover the incredible world of bamboo and unlock its limitless potential. join us at Red Cloud Bamboo, your trusted partner in all things bamboo. Contact us today at 0418 552 170 to explore the possibilities. Or check out our blog for more information about bamboo.  Let’s embrace the resilience and beauty of bamboo together!”