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      Red Cloud Bamboo supply a wide variety of high quality bamboo plants to large shopping centres, developers, landscapers and home gardeners around Melbourne, Australia. Both wholesale and retail bamboo sales.

       Bamboo is a large evergreen grass. This plant is unique in both structure and form. Ranging from the majestic to the delicate and refined. The bamboo stem is composed in sections, called internodes, this gives bamboo the rare combination of strength and flexibility. The waving in the wind of this plant with defined leaf form, transfers a relaxing sense of tranquillity.

      Awestruck with bamboo's beauty, the company name and logo was established by incorporating bamboos elements.  

        The strength aspect of bamboo is captured in the bold rich colour red, this is combined with flexibility, in an image of a cloud's free flowing movement and form.

       Welcome to the home of Red Cloud Bamboo; specialists in bamboo plants where we introduce you to species of clumping (non-invasive) bamboo plants new to Victoria, Australia. At Red Cloud Bamboo we also stock the very popular graceful Gracilis, and the tropical, mysterious Ghost bamboo, and a multitude of others. 

        Red Cloud Bamboo nursery has a huge quantity of selected varieties in many sizes. Proven performers of bamboo varieties are available. Many varieties, most suited to our climate have been selected for their special qualities. It is essential to adapt to change. Urban development has brought radical building style. Varieties of bamboo have unique and varied attributes that are adaptable to integrate with this new style of living. Bamboo plants are varied, and range from the large bold Oldhamii which makes a statement, to the delicate, beautiful Himalayan Weeping. Bamboo, as Gracilis, is a fantastic specimen plant for your garden. Bamboo can be used in new urban development as it has the ability to establish a shield against overlooking developments. A blockout screen of bamboo in form of a grove, immediately regains your privacy and serenity. Bamboo alone provides this blockout. Professional advice for this style planting is available. Bamboo ranges from hedging style to bonsai form, used in Japanese gardens, at the other end of the spectrum is the majestic bamboo of tropical garden look.

        Bamboo can be a pleasing plant whether your garden is a large suburban block, an office complex, or an inner suburban apartment with a tiny parcel of land. Any area can be infused with bamboo. Create a refreshing tranquil place for repose.

Bamboo plants can be the answer for your unique garden.

        Our aim at Red Cloud Bamboo is to provide you with high quality bamboo plants for your garden

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Spring is the ultimate time for planting.

Also a great time for fertilizing exististing plants.




We now stock a large range of Japanese Granite Lanterns.

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 The form of the bamboo stems and leaves hold rain water in droplets. Rainy grey days often seem to be dreary, but when raindrops fall on bamboo they become suspended on the leaves and stems and sparkle like diamonds.