Clumping Bamboo “Non-Invasive Plants”

if you’re looking to add an attractive and low-maintenance varieties of bamboo plants to your outdoor space, clumping bamboo is an ideal choice. As specialist bamboo suppliers based in Melbourne, we offer several popular varieties of clumping bamboo plants for sale that are perfect for Australian gardens.

Clumping bamboo varieties, also known as non-invasive bamboo, forms tight clusters that spread slowly instead of running all over the place like other types of bamboo plants. This makes clumping bamboo an eco-friendly option, as the roots and shoots will remain neatly contained without encroaching on neighbouring properties.

Benefits of our clumping (non-invasive) bamboo plants include:

  • Attractive green canes that provide privacy and shade
  • Fast growth to maturity, giving you an instant garden screen
  • Environmentally-sustainable as they don’t require replanting or division
  • Hardier than other plants, surviving droughts, frost and other weather extremes
  • Long-lived, with some varieties living over 50 years
  • Low maintenance once established, with minimal pruning or care needed


Clumping Bamboo For Sale

We have a wide variety of clumping bamboo for sale at our nursery in Heatherton, just outside of Melbourne. Contact us Today!, Some top performers suited to local growing conditions include: