Gracilis bamboo, scientifically classified as Bambusa textilis gracilis, the best selling bamboo for screening in Melbourne. Prized for its tidy clumping bamboo growth habit. Unlike many running bambusa varieties that can spread aggressively, bamboo gracilis in Melbourne spreads slowly and only within the confines of its elegant clumps. Each year slender green/blue-hued culms emerge gracefully from the dense central crown while delicate underground rhizomes extend outwards just a few centimetres.

This restrained rhizome growth is what gives gracilis bambusa its excellent suitability for landscape and garden use without risk of invasion into surrounding areas. At Red Cloud Bamboo, we offer a choice of bamboo gracilis textilis varieties to meet varying design needs through their attractive mature form and compact growth.

Gracilis Bamboo For Sale in Melbourne

Here at Red Cloud Bamboo, we supply high quality gracilis bamboo to the Melbourne area. Our current inventory includes bamboo gracilis in 1-5 meter culm lengths and 20-50 cm pots for residential and commercial plantings. Pricing is available upon request, with volume discounts for larger orders.

You’re welcome to visit us at the Red Cloud Bamboo Nursery in Melbourne to view and purchase our products. Gracilis bamboo can also be ordered online contact us today. Our staff are always happy to answer questions about proper care of this stunning bamboo variety.  Whether you’re starting a new landscape or bringing natural elegance indoors, turning to a reputable supplier like us is the best way to source premium bamboo gracilis for any of your projects.

Gracilis “Slender Weavers Bamboo”

Beyond its desirable growth habit, gracilis bamboo is admired for its elegant features likened to “slender weavers bamboo.” Narrow green culms typically arch upward reaching up to 5 meters tall yet maintain a slender profile under 5 centimetres wide resembling fine threads woven together. Their vertical canes emerge from lacey branching patterns within the clump forming a natural bamboo textile like scene similar to slender weavers bamboo.

In warmer months thin striped leaves cloak the lax culms adding gentle movement with every breeze portraying a natural bambusa grazing scene. Even in winter, bamboo gracilis retains an airy presence in the landscape bearing witness to its inherent “slender weavers bamboo” like qualities of strength and flexibility. Its flexibility allows culms to bend without breaking under snow or high winds, showcasing gracilis bambusa’s endearing ability to resemble slender weavers bamboo yet withstand the seasons when sourced from our trusted nursery.

Bamboo Textilis Gracilis Planting & Care

Planting and caring for Gracilis bamboo is straightforward yet important to maintain its desirable attributes. The divisions should be planted in groups of three or more in a prepared soil mix that drains well. Space them about 2-3 meters apart to allow for growth without overcrowding. Water regularly during establishment, keeping the soil consistently moist but not soggy.

Once established, Bambusa Textilis Gracilis is quite drought tolerant but appreciates occasional deep watering during dry spells. Minimal fertiliser is needed but a balanced product in spring and fall will keep it healthy. Pruning is not required but removing any damaged or diseased canes will keep the clumps looking their best. Gracilis’ natural form is best displayed when allowed to grow without restriction. With the proper site selection and regular care, one’s Gracilis bamboo will thrive as an elegant accent for many years to come.