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Wandering through a bamboo grove at Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens triggered my fascination with bamboo. Ever since, I have been impressed with the strength and beauty of this amazing plant. Melbourne, is my home, I have a 5 acre property in Heatherton Melbourne’s green belt. This has been the best place to fulfil my aspiration of growing bamboo. Magnificent plantings are normally viewed in far away tropical areas, but now you can visit our property and experience the wealth of bamboo.

In the past bamboo has been misunderstood, because the “running species” (running is true to its form if not controlled) was planted inappropriately and therefore caused serious problems. From this a widespread misconception, became generally accepted. This misguided notion arose from ignorance as control methods to contain running bamboo were unkown.

Clumping bamboo is a type of bamboo that sprouts new shoots directly next to the main stem. This distinction in bamboo growth is basic knowledge. Detailed aspects of bamboo involved research by which I became educated in all aspects of this plant, and quickly realized that bamboo has been completely unappreciated and misunderstood.

After much research I jumped in my van and headed north to the bamboo growers. In June I filled my van with an assortment of ‘very expensive and insignificant’ bamboo plants on assurance that they would grow very well. I repotted all the bamboo plants into larger containers and they just sat there all winter with very minimal growth. When October hit, new vigorous shoots and vigorous growth developed, as did my excitement. At this point I decided to become a bamboo grower and increase Melbourne’s quantity of selected quality bamboo.

Twenty three years earlier I had been growing plants for cut flowers. First my family’s company and then my own company (Clarinda Flower Farm). Situated in Heatherton in a ‘green belt’ surrounded by many wholesale nurseries and only 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD. Thirty years ago flowers were in vogue, carnations were the favourites, my father’s wise business sense meant he planted popular colours. All of a sudden carnations were out of fashion, gerberas became fashionable, so my father and I changed to suit the market. At all times high quality and constancy hallmarked our business.

My father’s mastery of reliable methods of selecting genetically superior stock meant our production of quality surpassed all others. The ability and skilfulness of selecting superior plants became a vital transferable skill which facilitated me in my research and development of first class bamboo varieties that adapted to Melbourne’s diverse weather with hot dry summer days and cold winter days. Our varieties are tried and tested and thrive in these conditions and are fairly problem free from insects and diseases.

Quality Staff

Our loyal, long term, supportive staff are pivotal to the care and ongoing customer service. They have acquired sound knowledge and can be a great assistance to you in your choice of suitable bamboo for your particular desires.