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Bamboo Screening Plants

Bamboo is a versatile plant that can be used to create beautiful natural screens in gardens and landscapes. Made up of lots of long, hollow stems called canes, bamboo grows quickly into thick clusters that form a green barrier.

Some types grow very tall as they mature, up to 5 or 6 metres high! Other varieties spread their canes out low to the ground, perfect for hiding garden beds or fence lines. 

Bamboo is the perfect screening plant, it matures quickly into thick privacy barriers thanks to its fast growth.

With a bit of care, it makes an excellent green screen alternative to hard-to-maintain timber or metal fences. Its attractive canes also filter noise and catch nosey neighbours from peeking in! Let me know if you need any help selecting bamboo for your place.

Selecting Bamboo Screening Plants

It is important to choose the type of bamboo that matches your criteria. Prior to purchasing bamboo screening plants, you must construct your own criteria for the desired screening bamboo plant to not only be suitable to screen your desired view but also to fulfil your needs in terms of its appearance and design.

Another reason why choosing bamboo plants for screening is the ideal choice, in addition to the already aforementioned ones, is that many bamboo types have a variety of different criteria to select from. Some of these criteria variety include:

Types Of Bamboo Screening Plants

The two main and best types of bamboo for screening you can choose from are clumping bamboo and running bamboo.

Clumping bamboo is a perfect bamboo for screening because it is a noninvasive bamboo that grows gradually without uncontrollable expansion and with the individual’s ability to control its growth easily.

As for the running bamboo, it is the invasive type of bamboo that non-uniformly expands in growth growing enormously through its runners that expand underground. However, it is still considered a good screening plant if either a planter or a root barrier is used.

Bamboo Colour

A second diverse criterion that would encourage you to choose bamboo for screening is that bamboo has a variety of colours that you can choose from. 

Bamboo comes in green, yellow, brown, red, black, blue, and even a combination of all these colours! Having such a colourful appearance is one of the spectacular merits of choosing bamboo for screening.

Size & Height Of The Bamboo

It is important to determine how high and big you would like the screening plant to grow. This is to provide you with the adequate desirable screening.

Delightfully, different types of bamboo have different heights which they can grow up to. Some bamboo types can grow beyond 30 m high, and their diameters can be as wide as 30 cm!

Bamboo’s Climate Conditions

Your chosen screening plant’s climate conditions must be suitable to your desired planting location’s climate. One of the merits of choosing bamboo for screening is that different bamboo types have different weather conditions to grow so you can choose the bamboo which is suitable for your region’s climate.

This protects the bamboo from dying due to growing in a climate it is sensitive to. It also prevents the bamboo from not growing big enough to screen your desired view.

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Bamboo’s Care Instructions

In order to make sure that your selected screening plant grows adequately to screen your desired area, it is important to adhere to the screening bamboo’s care instructions, and accordingly, it is necessary to select the screening plant that has the care instructions that would be convenient to you.

Bamboo plants have different care instructions varying from one type to another which can give you a range of bamboo types to choose from. Watering instructions, exposure & non-exposure to sunlight, fertilization, and many others, are all inclusive of the bamboo’s care instructions. This makes choosing bamboo for screening a feasible choice.

Longer Span Of Life

Despite the fact that several plant types can perfectly serve as screening plants, they do not last long because of having a short life span, which makes them inconvenient and costly. However, it is very convenient to choose bamboo for screening because bamboo has a long life span. Bamboo can live hundreds of years and average flowers every 80 years!

Withstanding Tough Weather

Many people choose bamboo for screening because it is resistant to extreme weather conditions. It can withstand extreme hot weather, and cold temperatures up to -20 F, as well as drought, wind and snow by bending over and lying flat on the floor.

Bamboo Plants Are Fast Growing

While other screening plants can take years to grow enough to screen your desired view, bamboo is popular for being one of the most rapidly growing plants compared to other screening plants.

Bamboo once scored a new record growth rate, growing 47 inches in one day! Given such a speedy growth rate, choosing bamboo for screening is definitely a go-for choice.

Bamboo Plants For Screening Is Sustainable

In a climate-changing world, sustainability is a major criterion to look for when choosing plants. Choosing bamboo for screening is a very sustainable choice.

This is because several bamboo types usually do not require pesticides, having to replant it would be very rare, and its oxygen production is very high surpassing even that of trees.

Additionally, it is a good solution to soil erosion and the type of fibre it is produced causes less impact on the environment than other fibre forms.

Thus, having bamboo for screening is not only a pleasant method to provide natural screening but also an environmentally friendly choice.

Bamboo Is the Healthiest Screening Plant

Having bamboo for screening in your house can be beneficial to your health. Bamboo Kun is a bioagent found in bamboo plants that serves as an anti-bacterial. Bamboo gets rid of more than 70% of the bacteria that grow on it.

It is very rare that a bamboo would undergo infestation by pests and accordingly, bamboo would rarely require pesticides that would be dangerous for your health.

Bamboo For Screening Is Aesthetic

Having bamboo screening plants provides beautiful, natural decoration for your home. In addition to serving functional screening purposes, bamboo adds aesthetic appeal.

By selecting bamboo to both screen and beautify, you gain natural decorative merits. Intricate forms uplifted by unique hues and textures bring serenity to any space bamboo borders. Its incorporation adds visual allure complementing functional screening purposes.

Textures also contribute to bamboo’s visual impact. Smooth canes differ nicely from fluffier foliage. Their vertical forms impart a sense of height. Clumping types hold slender canes tightly for bold graphics, while runners loosely frame paths.


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