bambusa chungii ‘Barbelletta’

We have decided to discontinue with this variety. It is not robust enough for the majority of conditions.

a most beautifully formed plant with all the great characteristics of its parent plant (Chungii) but in a smaller version and much better cold hardiness. It produces gorgeous blueish powdered culms and lush cluster of rich green leaves.

Note: Chungii is a magnificent plant, but we have experienced it to be not suitable for this climate. Barbelletta is very new to Australia and we have been trial growing it for three years and it has proven to be a fantastic plant. It doesn’t seem to grow as quickly as, Gracilis but that is not such a bad thing some times. Barbeletta may only reach 4mt height in Melbourne and prefers some shelter from strong wind, mainly because of its thin walled culms which can fracture.

Small potted plants of Barbeletta can look very battered and are very unattractive for purchase; within 12 months growing in the ground they have transformed into a beautiful plant.