China Gold

China Gold


With the most exquisite colored culms and chocolate striped shoots, this is a winner. China Gold is also a beautifully formed plant which does not grow too large and has a ‘nice and relaxed” feel about it. Its leaves are relatively large and hang down over its nodding culms.

Another extremely versatile bamboo variety; its foliage will stay dense from top to bottom but it is difficult to resist clearing some of the lower foliage to reveal those golden culms. This plant can be hedged and manipulated to whatever your requirements are.

We have discovered that China Gold is very water dependent whilst establishing; once planted you must be very attentive to keeping the rootball moist. Ironically, once settled in to their growing area this plant is very dry tolerant.

China Gold is new to Australia and very new to Victoria. Our first plants were introduced into Victoria in 2006 and been tested in many growing areas around the state. From the Gippsland coastline to the Dandenong Ranges,all reports are of them growing extremely well.

As with many varieties, China Gold is inclined to become infested with mealy bug. But, good news! not in these southern states.

maximum height of 4 to 6metres

cold hardiness minus 5