bambusa textilis ‘Fasca’

This is a variation of bambusa textilis which is resistant to spider mite and mealy bug unlike the mother plant. Fasca is very similar to Gracilis but does differ slightly in a few ways. It grows approximately 20% wider and taller and has a more ‘open’ growth habit. Fasca has a darker green culm and foliage. As with most bamboo, this variety can be manipulated for the look you are after.

We are discovering that this is a fantastic plant which has a lot of great attributes. It is a great looking plant which can grow too large for most urban gardens in the warmer regions of Australia, but in Melbourne it is toned down a size and fits in well. Fasca is so similar to Gracilis (in Melbourne) that is is extremely difficult to identify. The benefits of Fasca over Gracilis is the taller growth and the darker culms.

height of 6 to 8 metres

cold hardiness minus 5