A magnificent looking bamboo that will look outstanding in just about any situation .Although it is a running species, with proper site preparation and some maintenance it will be suitable for many locations.

Small dark green leaves contrast superbly with its shiny black culms Fast grower if given enough food and water New culms skyrocket from the ground in November, emerging green and turning black throughout the season.

As with all bamboos, they are very versatile and can be thinned out to expose the culms further. These plants as with most bamboo will grow very bushy and outgrow a container very fast. To extend the life of growing in a container they must be thinned out occasionally. This involves cutting off (and removing)a percentage of the culms at ground level. Plant can be kept small by removing the larger culms and keeping the smaller culms and vice versa by cutting off the smaller culms and leaving the larger. Managing a plant to give an open or “grove” effect is usually beneficial to the health of the plant.

Full day sun can be too much for the plant causing burnt leaves; protection from afternoon sun is preferable. This is particularly so if growing in a container. note: we do not recommend any invasive varieties in any situations where the containment is less than perfect and preventative maintenance is ongoing.